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 Income Tax E Filing (Last Date: 31/07/2017)
LSS, USS 2017: Result
Intra District Transfer 2017-18:  Provisional List Final List 
Income Tax Anticipatory Calculator 2017-18:  Download
  • K-TET Exemption Modification 2016-17: Order
  • K-TET Exam - 2016 November: Result
    •   Pre-Matric Scholarship (Minority) 

      • Appointment of Teachers in Aided School: Click Here



      KTET 2015: Notification | Online Application

      Prematric Scholarship (Minority) 2015-2016

      Staff Fixation order 2016-17
      Teachers Day Celebrations Competitions to Teachers
      02-08-2016Price List of ICT Text Books and Other Volume II Books
      30-07-2016Swachch Vidyalaya Puraskar Circular
      30-07-2016Transfer and Posting of officers in the cadre of Senior Superintendents
      30-07-2016Transfer and Posting of officers in the cadre of Personal Assistant to District Educational Officer on Rs 20740 -36140
      30-07-2016Clarification from DPI on appointments in Uneconomic Schools
      30-07-2016Revised Circular on CV Covers & Answer Sheets of SSLC/HSS
      30-07-2016Organising Programs on International Youth Day
      30-07-2016Science Seminar 2016-17 Instructions
      30-07-2016Instructions & Guideline for conducting Science Drama 2016-17
      28-07-2016Extension of date for the submission of Application for 2016-17 for House Building Advance to State Government Employees and Teachers
      28-07-2016School Parliament Election 2016-17
      28-07-2016Transfer and posting of HMs/AEOS/TTIs
      28-07-2016Relinquishment Order
      28-07-2016RMSA -Deputation vacancies Notification
      28-07-2016Prematric Scholarship for Minority :Login | Guidelines | DPI Circular
      20-07-2016NTSE/NMMS NOTIFICATION : Notification (Eng) |Notification (Mal) | Online Payment for NTSE
      20-07-2016Approval of relinquishment of AEOs and HMs.
      20-07-2016DPI Circular about the One day Training for SITC
      20-07-2016Corrections STD VI Malayalam (AT) | Corrections STD IX Malayalam Scheme of Work
      18-07-2016Atal Innovation Mission
      16-07-2016Computer Hardware Clinic - for all GOVT , AIDED , High schools and Higher Secondary , VHSE Schools
      16-07-2016Request and Govt Order on Sugama Hindi Pareeksha
      16-07-2016DPI Circular about First Term Question Paper Preparation Shilpasala for LP and LP, UP Arabic
      16-07-2016Transfer and Postings - Note ( DPI)
      16-07-2016Noon Meal Cooks Wages Hiked with retrospective effect
      16-07-2016Deduction of LIC premium of Aided School employees through SPARK - Approved - Orders issued
      16-07-2016DPI Circular on Question Paper indent for First Term Exam
      16-07-2016Lumpsum Grant Rates Enhanced by 25% - CIRCULAR
      16-07-2016National Scheme of Incentive to girls for Secondary Education 2016-2017: DPI Circular | Instruction | Website
      14-07-2016Confirmation of attendance on Independence Day and Republic Day
      14-07-2016Instructions for conducting Medical camps for IEDS Childern
      14-07-2016Lumpsum Grant rates enhanced by 25% - order
      12-07-2016Arabic Talent Examination in Schools
      12-07-2016HM - Higher Secondary Principal Promotion -reg
      12-07-2016Social offense and Punishments against Children
      08-07-2016DPI (Internal Audit Section) Guidelines and functioning of School PTA
      08-07-2016RMSA -Application inviting for Assistant Project Officer on deputation basis
      08-07-2016RMSA -Application inviting for Assistant Project Officer on deputation basis
      08-07-2016Pay Revision 2014- Footwear Allowance to Part Time Contingent Employees- Sanctioned-Orders issued.
      08-07-2016One Office one DDO-Drawal of last pay of gazetted officers and claiming arrears of retired gazetted officers without pre-check
      08-07-2016ORC(Our Responsibility to Child) Calendar 2016-17
      06-07-2016Ed-UL-Fitr: Declaration of Holiday to schools on 07/07/2016
      06-07-2016Application invited for the post of Resource Teachers on contract basis -IEDSS -2016 -17
      Press Release | Guidelines | Application Form |
      06-07-2016GAIPF- Processing of PF claims of employees-permission for manual sanction-reg
      06-07-2016GainPF: Online submission of grant-in-aid bills-Relaxation allowed-reg
      06-07-2016Letter from Balavakasa Commission about the functioning of SMC and SMDC
      02-07-2016Transfer,Promotion and Posting of ADPI/JD/JC/DDE/DEO - Charge arrangement | Charge Arrangement
      02-07-20166th Working Day Online Data Entry Extended upto July 7
      29-06-2016Pay revision 2014 - Crediting of salary arrears to Government Account - New head of account opened - Instructions Issued
      25-06-2016UID based Staff Fixation - Teachers should update Sampoornna before June 30
      22-06-2016Sanskrit Education Development : formation of Academic Council
      22-06-2016OEC Prematric Scholarship 2016-2017 : Circular and Sample Application Form | Data Entry Website
      22-06-2016Gain PF : Circular about Error Reporting | Instructions to HM | Notes to AEO/DEO | Excel Proforma
      20-06-2016Staff Fixation 2015 -16 -Inform vacancies to PSC
      20-06-2016Muthoot Excellence Award
      17-06-2016General transfer & posting of Heads of Departmental High Schools/AEOs/TTIs and equated categories
      17-06-2016Tranfer and Posting of Heads of Panchayath High Schools 2016-17
      17-06-2016RTE Implementation Committee - reconstituted
      16-06-2016PTA AWARD 2015 -16 - Instructions
      16-06-2016General Education Department- teachers appointed for the year 2015-16-K-TET examination-relaxation till 2018-sanctioned G.O(P)No.99-2016-GAD
      16-06-2016Text Book - Instruction to School HM and SITS
      16-06-2016KSR - 10th Pay Revision - Promotion from the post of Junior Superintendent (HG)/equated categories to the post of Senior Superintendent/equated categories - Fixation of Pay - Option granted
      15-06-2016School Building Safety
      15-06-2016Joseph Mundassery Award 2016-17 : Instructions
      13-06-2016Kerala Teachers Award 2016-2017 - Instructions
      13-06-2016Transfer and Posting of Officers- HM
      13-06-2016International yoga day celebration
      13-06-2016Education Calendar 2016-2017
      10-06-2016Notification - List of localities where educational need is proven
      10-06-2016Notification - DLED (Hindi) Course 2016-2017
      10-06-2016Fund Collection- Instructions for Collecting Funds from Class 9 & 10
      10-06-2016DPI Circular on Revenue to Sub-District Sport Secretaries
      10-06-2016Directions on Cleanliness Drive Program arranged by Swatch Bharath Mission- Pledge on June 13
      07-06-2016Observance of Reading Week 2016
      07-06-2016Text Book Indenting -Volume II Text Books
      06-06-2016Sixth Working Day on Muslim Schools
      06-06-2016Sixth Working Day -Clarification on SEBC Community
      06-06-2016Sixth Working Day 2016-2017
      06-06-2016Staff Fixation 2016-2017
      06-06-2016List of Localities having a proven educational need as revealed under School Mapping
      04-06-2016Circular on Sixth working Day Details Uploading
      03-06-2016June 5 - World Environment Day : Education Minister's Message | Circular | Pledge | Action Plan
      03-06-2016Admission of Students without Insisting TC
      03-06-2016General Transfer for HM/AEO
      03-06-2016Re-appointment under Rule 8 of Part II KS and SSRs, 1958- Clarification
      12-6-2009 മുതല്‍ 31-05-2016 വരെയുള്ള പഴയ G.O/Circular/Proforma എന്നിവയ്ക്കായി ആര്‍ക്കൈവ്സില്‍ ക്ലിക്ക് ചെയ്യുക

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